Preferred cleaning products


Complete Cleaning Supply List

Sprays, Sponges, and Scrubbers!

Here is a list of suggested cleaners,
but any brand works – but we are not picky!

Please have available:

  • Glass Cleaner
    (ex: Sprayway / Windex)
  •  Surface Cleaner
    (ex: Honest / Method)
  •  Bleach Spray
    (ex: 409 / Scrubbin Bubbles / Clorox)
  •  Powdered Cleaner
    (ex: Comet / Ajax)
  •  Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    (ex: Lysol / Clorox)
  •  Toilet Bowl Brush
  •  Rubber Dish Gloves
    (size medium)
  •  Mop Bucket & Mop
    (not Swiffer – Swiffer is good for maintenance only)
  •  Liquid Floor Cleaner
    (ex: Fabuloso / Pine Sol)
  •  Rags
    (Reuseable is best so you can wash between shifts, save money and the environment – microfiber cloths are amazing)
  •  Cleaning Sponges
    (one for bathroom, one for kitchen)
  •  Broom & Dustpan
  •  Vacuum(needed for carpeting and large rugs only)